Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Month in Photos

It was a crazy, busy, and awesome month.  These are a few of the Hoy highlights from when the blog was quiet--

Jackson's Cub Scout den led the pledge at a naturalization ceremony.

We attended Aggie Muster with friends.

We hosted our annual crawfish boil.

Jackson continued to enjoy Lego club at school.

Padme scratched her eye and had to wear the 'cone of shame'.

Alyssa enjoyed archery at Mother/Daughter camp.

I enjoyed all my time with the daughter.

The boys enjoyed scouting day at the Express game.

Matthew loved to watch airplanes.

We enjoyed one of our favorites, Portillos, on a very quick trip to Chicago.

My Hoy boys looked sharp for a fantastic family wedding.

Matthew's teacher helped him with the M and the W, but only had to give him verbal instructions one letter at a time to write the rest of his name.

Alyssa presented her research on the differences between the Army Air Forces in WWII and the Air Force today.