Monday, October 19, 2015

Drinking from the Fire Hose

We are now almost 2 months in to the school year and it still feels like we are drinking from a fire hose.  So, long time, no post.  Sorry.

The Good:

I am very pleased with all 3 kids teachers this year.  So far, the kids have been enjoying school, and after school care at the Y, and soccer, and piano, and scouts. 

I continue to love my school, my classes, and my students (old and new).  My classroom is my sanctuary.  I even have a plant in my room this year--that is still alive! (It might be a record!)

The Bad:

This is how the last 2 months have shaped up-- 2 kids had strep, 1 had a stomach bug, 1 got stitches (in his lip), 1 kid caught lice, then 2 kids caught lice, and I had a cold.  Not exactly the way I'd like to start the year, but hopefully it is all out of the way. 

The Ugly:

I haven't loved Matthew's transition to kindergarten, or the worry that comes with changing Team Matthew, or the despair I've been feeling about his schooling.  Don't misunderstand, Matthew LOVES school, and most everyone is kind to him.  But as I expected (and feared), Matthew needs a hefty dose of special education support to access the general education curriculum and getting those supports in place has been rough this year.  I am hopeful this is a just blip on our Matthew radar, but I am anxious for this to get worked out. 

The Awesome:

I prefer to not end on a downer, and its been a while since I've posted, so I want to give you an update on Matthew's verbal communication.  Matthew's progress is never a straight line up, so even his biggest successes often are followed by a tempered correction, but his verbal ability has really jumped lately.  He still struggles with articulation. I probably only understand about 1/2 of what he says, but in the half that I understand, he has soooooo much to say!  He has become much more adept at getting his wants and needs across.  "I don't like it" is a favorite phrase of his.  The other night, I was trying to get him to come home with me and he very clearly said "I want to stay".  We love upward progress.

And though I've been a bit disheartened about his experiences at school so far, this is the boy I feared wouldn't live...or walk...or talk.  And he did all 3!  He will figure it all out, I have to have faith.