Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Fun

I thought for sure that life would slow down over the summer, but since summer is already more than half over, I guess not.  

Alyssa and Jackson enjoyed their time at camp, while Matthew relished being an only child.

This was the first day we were back together-- 24 days in to summer!

Then, we enjoyed spending time with family in Chicago and Michigan.  

A highlight of year-- a week with family in Michigan.

The kids are road trip rock stars-- most of the time!

We celebrated Jackson's 9th birthday when we returned.  

I can't believe he's 9.  This year, he's become much more mature, but he still loves Legos, pranks, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

In between, we have been fitting in as many appointments as possible...

Matthew has had appointments with urology to check on his solitary kidney (all is well) and with the neurologist (details tbd).

Dentist, orthodontist, dermatologist, oh my!

The kids have become extremely proficient at waiting.

...with a little fun thrown in here and there.  

Ice cream

S'moreos (S'mores made of Oreos- Yum!)

And lots of  reading and library books

Thinking about the 5+ weeks left of summer, I am hoping for a little more downtime, maybe even to hear "I'm bored".  We could use a little boredom -- it helps us get excited about going back to school.