Wednesday, September 24, 2014

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Just a few images from the last month

Alyssa working in her 'office'. She postponed a conference call to eat dinner with us.

Fun train ride with the family

2 of my Hoy boys cruisin'

Busy boy is always into something.  I am not always sure what the plan is, but he seems to have one!

Hoppin' Friday night at the Hoy House.  This is why the blog has been a bit quieter.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Update on Jackson's Leg

Jackson had a follow up visit this past week with the orthopedist and --- pausing for dramatic effect-- the cyst that formed near the break on his leg has shrunk.  It didn't go away completely, but is not a concern at this time.  Yippee!  Six months after the break, Jackson has been released without restriction.  To be prudent, Jackson has a follow up in another 6 months for a quick xray check, but hopefully the news will continue to be good!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Move- 1 Year Update

In early June, I drafted this blog post:

In some ways, it feels like we've lived in Austin forever and in others, we still feel like newbies.  This week marks the 1 year anniversary of our move. 

Coming into the move, we knew it was the best for our family, and it has been.  But the experience has varied for each of us.  It was a great move for Darren (job) and Matthew (school).  It was a bit of a wash for Alyssa and Jackson. And it wasn't a good move for me (oh, how I miss teaching!).  We assumed all of that going into the move and that is pretty much how it has shaken out. 

But I never posted that blog.  I didn't want to post the negative, because deep down I really wasn't feeling that way.

Though this move wasn't good for me, at that moment, in my heart, I thought that it might have been the best thing for me. If we'd stayed in Houston, I would have continued to teach part time at the college indefinitely.  I loved it.  Moving required me to think about my life, my future, in a new way. Since I knew I loved teaching, I spent some time in the high school volunteering and observing, to see if I liked the high school atmosphere. (Yes!)  So, I began the process to get certified to teach high school.  And now, here I am, teaching high school! 

Though it has been an exhausting start, I am finding my groove.  I love being in the classroom!  I couldn't be happier. I feel like myself again. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Small Victories

The other day, as I waited for Matthew to come out of therapy, I heard the familiar sound of a walker.  I can't hear that all too familiar sound without smiling.  It was a fantastic reminder of how far Matthew has come!

Not all his victories are monumental-- like taking his first steps-- some are small victories, likely not that noticeable to the outsider.

Matthew tried to sing along to "Let It Go" in the car with the big kids.
He got a bag from the floor board in the car by hooking it on his foot and then grabbing it with his hand.
He stepped down steps without holding on to a hand or railing.
At the doctor's office, he wanted gloves.  When I handed him one, he told me 'two'.  
He brought me a pull up to tell me he needed to be changed. 
He said 'daddy' and signed 'work' when Darren was at work. 
He hollered "Aly" and "Jack" when he wanted their attention.
When Alyssa got her nails painted, he looked at them and said "pretty".
Yesterday in the car on the way home, when I turned on my blinker to turn on the street for home, he reminded me that I needed to go get the big kids from daycare. (Oops!)

We rejoice in all the victories, no matter how small.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


A few years ago, we came to Austin for Lego Kidsfest.  This year, we traveled up to Dallas for it.  We spent an awesome day playing with Uncle Bryan and Aunt Brandi before spending a spectacular morning playing with tons of Legos.  The fest was set up almost identical to the last one, and we had a really good time then.  But with 2 additional years maturity for the kids, this time we got a lot more out of it, had a lot more fun, and built with lots and lots of Legos. 


Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Month

An email one morning about a month ago led to an interview that afternoon, an awesome offer that evening, and our lives going from fairly calm and quiet to full out nutso-crazy in the blink of an eye. 

Four weeks in-- Darren has adjusted well.  Alyssa, Jackson and even Matthew have adjusted well.  Me? Well, I am not quite there yet.  It has been over a decade since I've had to be dressed to commute for work every day--and I didn't have ANY kids back then.  And if I thought teaching 3 classes was a bit hectic when I taught at the college, 6 is definitely twice that. Though I LOVE being back in the classroom, I'm still finding my groove.  I have faith it will happen and this will feel 'normal'-- hopefully soon.

This is how far underwater I felt last week.

This week, I feel like I can see light at the top. Definite improvement.
But, I'm not quite here yet.