Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things of 2014--

Matthew Moment:  When Matthew said "I love you too" when saying goodnight.

Hoy Kid Picture:
Sesame Place 2014
Day of the Year:  As with every year, the first day of school!  This year was exceptionally wonderful given my new gig!

7 Word Run-Together Sentence: "MommyIwannagothatwayplease." -Matthew   At the main road, we turn right to go to most of the commerce and we turn left to go over the dam. Matthew always wants to go over the dam.  He gets pretty put out when we turn the other way.

Jacksonism:  "Alyssa, remember this from when we were kids?"  looking at an ornament for the Christmas tree.

Parenting Fail:  After I found tiny pieces of washed Kleenex all over a load of clothes, I scolded the kids for not emptying their pockets--only to realize it was likely mine.  Oops!

50 Cents Spent: The audio cassettes of Harry Potter (book 3).  12 hours of quiet in the car times 2 brings the grand total to just over 2 cents per hour!  Thankfully we already had a tape player and it easily plugged into the stereo speakers in the truck.  

Doctor's Appointment: Jackson getting his spica cast off!  I was not sad to see big green go!

Big Kid Moment:  The day Alyssa made breakfast-- more than granola bars-- for her and the boys.  

It was a good year!

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