Saturday, October 29, 2016


I have to say that there were a few weeks that I contemplated blogging, but I just couldn't because I didn't want to be that reflective about what was going on around us.  Matthew's behavior was the worst it has ever been.  Usually he lets all the nastiness out at home, but this last stretch, we were getting negative reports from school and the Y as well. He was disagreeable about everything and he would hit/kick/bite when he didn't get his way. 

The saying that your household is only as happy as your most unhappy kid was true in our home-- the energy around the Hoy House was UGLY.  And the worst part for Darren and I, we had no idea why.  Just like many things with Matthew, it was a mystery.  We tried everything we could think of-- more sleep, more food, the common sense parenting tricks-- and nothing seemed to make a difference.  

Then, as mysteriously as it began, Matthew's mood turned.  He became his happy-go-lucky self.  Pleasant, fun to be around, and though not always agreeable, he could be persuaded. Those at school saw the same switch.  But just when we sighed in relief, he had a horrific weekend 2 weekends ago.  Then, the last two weeks at school, he was in an upswing, then mixed-- really good and really not.  We shake our heads because we have no idea why it was bad or why it is good.  No rhyme or reason, and we seemingly have no control or influence.  That is hard to accept!

Until we find the magic variable(s), we have to just be thankful for the good and try to mitigate the bad.  I am hoping for a long stretch in the upswing!  

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