Friday, September 12, 2014

Small Victories

The other day, as I waited for Matthew to come out of therapy, I heard the familiar sound of a walker.  I can't hear that all too familiar sound without smiling.  It was a fantastic reminder of how far Matthew has come!

Not all his victories are monumental-- like taking his first steps-- some are small victories, likely not that noticeable to the outsider.

Matthew tried to sing along to "Let It Go" in the car with the big kids.
He got a bag from the floor board in the car by hooking it on his foot and then grabbing it with his hand.
He stepped down steps without holding on to a hand or railing.
At the doctor's office, he wanted gloves.  When I handed him one, he told me 'two'.  
He brought me a pull up to tell me he needed to be changed. 
He said 'daddy' and signed 'work' when Darren was at work. 
He hollered "Aly" and "Jack" when he wanted their attention.
When Alyssa got her nails painted, he looked at them and said "pretty".
Yesterday in the car on the way home, when I turned on my blinker to turn on the street for home, he reminded me that I needed to go get the big kids from daycare. (Oops!)

We rejoice in all the victories, no matter how small.


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