Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Heart Day

This time of year, I can't help but to think back to October 2010. Matthew was grey, lethargic and dying. His little heart was much, much bigger than it should have been, overworked for 7 months, and pumping 4x more blood to his lungs than his body.

On this day, October 7, 2010, Matthew's heart was fixed. I had never known more relief than when his heart surgeon came out to tell us he fixed the issue and the struggles we had endured those 7 months prior would subside. I have also never known such fear as when the OR nurse called us in the waiting room to say they couldn't wake Matthew and he wasn't breathing on his own. I can close my eyes today and still see Darren standing over sweet baby Matthew in the ICU where the machine was breathing for him, all of us wondering if that would be our last day as an intact family of 5.

Today, October 7, 2014, is vastly different than that day. Today, our little man is pink, energetic, and full of life! We have been given 4 years plus now, thanks to our pediatrician (who believed me that something was wrong), our GI (who kept trying to figure it out and found Mattie's big heart via X-ray), our cardiologist (who treated 'congestive heart failure' like the emergency it was), our cardiac surgeon (who calmed this crazy mommy and fixed Matthew's heart), and our family and friends (who cared for us and kept us sane in our darkest hours). Thank you! Thanks be to God! Happy Heart Day!!

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