Friday, October 3, 2014

October Already?

I am sorry the blog has been so quiet lately. The good news is that I am usually compelled to blog when something big (or scary or unusual) is going on. So the fact I haven't posted in over a week means it has been 'business as usual' at the Hoy House. Well, mostly.

When I threw our family into chaos by accepting a full time teaching position, I imagined life would normalize by October. The calendar now reads 'October'. While I feel like I have really hit my stride in the classroom, I am still struggling with the work/life balance. I have been putting in serious hours at work and never seem to catch up, never mind, get ahead of it. I believe I could work 24/7 and still have more to do. I am finding that is the life of a typical teacher! I love it, really love it, but need to find a way to prioritize better. That is my goal for the month. I hope to find a little better balance to bring about a bit of normalcy for our family. So until I figure it out, I fear blog posts will be sporadic at best.

Other Hoy happenings--

-Mattie's still working on potty training with slow, very slow, progress.
-Jackson joined Cub Scouts and he and Darren went on a successful camp out last weekend.
-I caught a cold, likely from my classroom Petri dish (stapler), and I flooded our laundry room this week. Not a stellar week for me.
-Thankfully it appears the rest of the Hoy House has avoided my cold. I am crossing fingers that remains true.
-Six weeks in, I am happy to report that all 3 Hoy kids seem to be enjoying school.

Thank you for checking back in on us!

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