Sunday, November 2, 2014

Incessant Chatter

I think I can finally put to rest my fear that Matthew won't talk.  Lately, he has done nothing but talk!  I think the issue has gone from being non-verbal (or low verbal) to very verbal with an articulation issue.  Darren and I can understand the majority of what he tries to say.  Teachers and friends likely struggle a little more.  Strangers probably wonder 'what?'. 

I want car in driveway.  I want car.  I want underwear.  I want to eat.  School. I want window down.  I want. I want. I want.  Home?  Look Mommy.  Look Aly.  Hi Jack.  Hi Daddy.  Potty.  Shhh...hide. Jump. Shoe. I want watch tv.  Please. No, Mickey.  Padme!  No!  Wake up. I want yogurt.  I want milk. I want water. Banana. Work? I dry.  Thank you.

Read the previous paragraph, aloud, fast, 3 times. That is Matthew-- all day long.  We love it and it is driving us a bit batty at the same time. 

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