Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Several years ago, when Alyssa was in kindergarten, I took her to a friend's birthday party at a skating rink.  I remember this vividly because (a) I hadn't skated in about 20 years at that time so it was a bit rough and (b) I cried-- big tears, in public, around classmates' mothers-- because I was struck by the thought that Matthew might never skate.  At the time, he was almost 2 and not standing or walking independently.  I couldn't fathom him ever being able to experience something so typical. 

On Sunday, almost 3 years later, Matthew skated.  Though he needed a bit of assistance, he skated lap after lap, singing as loud as he could to whatever song was on the PA.  I loved it, but he loved it more.  

He threw a hissy fit of monumental proportions because he didn't want to stop when it was time to go.  Annoying but totally overshadowed by the fact that this boy-- my sweet Matthew-- can skate!!

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