Sunday, April 5, 2015

Catching Up

Here are a few pictures and happenings since I last blogged.

We celebrated St. Patty's day with friends and neighbors.

We had dear friends in from out of state for Spring Break.

And even though we passed around a stomach bug, we still had lots of fun.

We celebrated Darren's birthday.

We had a fun visit at Grandma and Grandpa's with Easter confetti eggs.

And Uncle Will.

A few random thoughts from the past few weeks: 

Ugh, the time change was just awful.  Now we get up when it is pitch black outside and go to bed when it is light.  Yuck.

After 6 months in my 'new' job, most everything has fallen into place, except the one thorn in my side--homework.  In the hour to two hours in the evening, it was increasingly a point of contention to get the kids to work on homework.  They just weren't getting it done in the after school program and I was tired of being 'mean mom' harping on them to get it done.  The last few weeks, the big kids have taken the bus from their school to mine a couple of days a week.  It has done the trick.  Homework gets done while I have tutorials and finish up my work and then we are able to tackle the rest of our list (pesky tasks like eating, bathing and reading) during the small window of time in the evening before bed.  I feel like we are finally into a good groove.

Speaking of the job, I LOVE it.  After spending the week away during spring break, I walked back into my classroom and I felt warm and happy.  I missed being there that week.  It is nice to finally be doing what I was (probably always) meant to do!

Alyssa and I bought boots a few weeks ago-- in the same size.  Yep, I am wearing the same size shoe as my 9 year old. I knew it would happen someday, I just didn't expect it so soon.

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