Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Fun

I am still astonished by how smoothly this summer has gone, so far.  Not that it has been all rainbows and sunshine, but overall, it has been pretty spectacular. 

Surprisingly the boys got along really well when Alyssa was at camp.

I enjoyed my mother/sons dates.

Matthew has really been enjoying toys this summer. 
I reorganized the playroom and he has taken full advantage of the 'new-to-him' toys.

I have relished my pleasure reading.

I loved my fantastic one-on-one time with Jack-Jack.

He seemed to enjoy the one-on-one time too-- especially at the movies.
We are thankful to have the daughter home after her 3 week camp adventure.

We have had some fun at the library.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy riding bikes with these kiddos.
I look at the calendar and am a bit saddened that the summer seems to be flying by much too quickly.  Only six more weeks to go for me, seven for the kids.  Wow! 

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