Monday, June 29, 2015

Camp Visit

This weekend was a visiting weekend at camp, so we saw Alyssa. *grin* It was great hearing about her adventure so far, and seeing her wanting to be with Matthew and Jackson.  We have missed this girl, likely far more than she has missed us.

Biggest camp revelations so far--
*There isn't anything Alyssa doesn't like about camp.  She loves horseback riding, drama, camp craft, the library, her cabin, her cabin mates, the food, archery, BB, the counselors, the staff-- everything. 
*As expected, Alyssa had NO trouble adjusting to camp life. I did email the director after the first few days just to check, but the response was "She's doing great!". 
*She loaned her fan to a bunkmate. I must have asked her half a dozen times if she'd like me to send her another fan, but her response was always "no".  I don't think I could be happy in a cabin during the summer in Texas without A/C and without a fan, but she seems to have adjusted fine.
*We get random letters every few days.  I think my favorite was simply, "I have great new friends.  Their names are ...(list of names)."  That was the entire note.
*We called once and realized that next year before camp we should probably do a 'how to talk on the phone' training. The whole call was a litany of questions and answers, very little elaboration. Talking on the phone isn't a skill she's really worked on before.

It was great to see her and we are looking forward to giving her big squeezes when she comes home at the end of this week.

Happy Camper
I love this picture!

Matthew has missed these girls! 
He asks several times a day "Aly?" "Ella?" (our neighbor friend)
and then he'll respond to his own questions with "camp".

Alyssa wanted to show her bunk to Jackson and Jackson was excited to see it.

I have missed this girl!

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