Friday, May 23, 2014

11 Week Update

It has been 11 weeks since Jackson broke his femur inside of his hip joint.  At his follow up appointment this week, the orthopedist was happy with his progress and Jackson was released for more activity.  Though 'big green' wasn't much fun, we are so very thankful that he didn't need a screw for the break, as the long term effects of having a screw in that area are not good.  This is the best outcome for the unfortunate accident. 

Jackson is now allowed to walk to school, to run a little, and to ride his bike.  He will get off PE restriction in time for field day at school (though the PT still wants to approve the list of activities).  He still won't be allowed to jump on trampolines or bounce houses or play ball sports through the summer but I doubt that will impact us too much. 

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