Friday, May 30, 2014

Fantastic Friday

Nothing big today, but a few little things that added up to a fantastic Friday. 

This morning was 'donuts with dad' for the kindergartners. 

This has not been a stellar school year for Alyssa, but I am happy to report there were some bright moments (like her presentation on dolphins, where it was very nice to see her passionate about a project) and deep down, this year hasn't changed who she is-- the little girl that loves school. I love that when I ask if she wants to leave early (as many were doing today after 'student led conferences'), she always says no, that she'd rather stay at school a bit longer.

Matthew loves his flip-flops but he isn't allowed to wear them to school.  So, the moment he got in the car this afternoon, much like Fred Rogers from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, he took off his sneakers and put on flip flops (though I think for Mr. Rogers it was dressy shoes and sneakers). 

Happy Friday!!

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