Thursday, May 15, 2014

Team Matthew

Over the last 4+ years, Team Matthew (those that help us with Matthew's care and development) has changed members quite a bit.  Therapists come and go.  We moved.  Matthew's aged.  and so on.

Once again, Team Matthew is about to undergo another change.  In the Fall, he'll change schools and attend the same school the big kids currently attend-- our 'home campus'.  In preparation of this, Team Matthew (school version), both current and future, met for an introduction and update on his progress this year.  Our full ARD (school meeting where we set out goals for the year, etc) isn't due until September but we wanted to get everyone in a room and at least get to know one another.  His current teacher, school speech therapist, and school occupational therapist were there as well as his future teacher, his future school administrator, and his future speech therapist.  His school occupational therapist will remain the same as she services both schools. 

It was nice to reflect back on Matthew's development this year.  In the day to day, it doesn't feel like he's making huge progress, but looking back, we can see it is pretty awesome progress.  Not to say he doesn't have a LONG way to go, but this year has been a good year! 

For example, I can no longer count the number of words Matthew has-- he has too many to count.  It doesn't mean they are all understandable by an outsider, but when you know context + sounds + signs/gestures, you can ascertain quite a bit!  I liken his verbal abilities to this graphic:

As with many changes in Team Matthew, it is bitter sweet.  We have been very happy with his current school, but are looking forward to having all 3 kids at the same school.  As well, though Team Matthew has changed over time, the group has always been the best.  Meeting the newest members gives us confidence that will still be the case!

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