Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Diversity Poster

First, I've already noticed quite a few differences between teaching college and teaching high school (and school has just begun!) but one of the most striking differences (so far) is that I have a classroom to call my own.  In college, you are a nomad, carrying the tricks of the trade from room to room.  Now I have my own space.  No more carting folders to and from rooms (and my car)!  

So, for my stark white walls, I received a poster from my mentor.  I have seen it hanging in many classrooms and therapy centers, and am happy to see that it hangs in the rooms of my other teachers. 

While I am happy to include it on the wall of my classroom, as the mom of Matthew, I am also annoyed that this poster about diversity didn't include any diverse little hands. So, I added Matthew's.

Now it is perfect.

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