Saturday, August 16, 2014


Summer break ended earlier than I expected just a few blog posts ago.   

Through an amazing stroke of fate and luck, I am officially a high school teacher!  This is an amazing opportunity with great people (many of whom I met last spring) at a fantastic high school (the one in which our kids will likely some day attend!).  It has been a flurry of activity the past 10 days--interviewing, accepting, finishing my requirements, finding childcare, starting in-service training, and so on but it has been exhilarating!  The first few days, I fretted about the logistics of how we are going to move back to 2 full time jobs plus 3 kids, but my beloved is very wise. "Engineers have been marrying teachers for 100s of years, and I bet some of them even had kids."  Stepping back in the classroom, planning lessons, and thinking about student learning feels like coming home after a long trip-- so good to be home!

I was jazzed to get my badge and to see my name next to my classroom.  I think Alyssa was almost as excited about it as I was.

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