Friday, August 1, 2014

New Friends

Earlier this week, we had an awesome visit with baby E and his mom and older brother.  Baby E is a little boy who has a similar chromosome duplication as Matthew. I believe baby E is also the only one known with his particular chromosome disorder (which includes a deletion as well). 

I met baby E's mom through an online support group for chromosome disorders.  Although I felt like I already knew them from our phone calls, emails, texts and stories online, it was really great to meet in person! It was an awesome feeling holding baby E-- it reminded me so much of our sweet baby Matthew at about that age.  And it was really nice to spend time with baby E's mom.  Though she wasn't there through all of Matthew's early years, she totally understood the miracle of Matthew today as she is walking a similar journey with baby E.  And an added bonus was that the big kids were all fast friends!

I look forward to many more visits together and seeing baby E as he writes his own familiar but uniquely his own.

Baby E and me

Matthew is used to being the baby and was not great about sharing his things!
Thankfully baby E wasn't too bothered.

Matthew and baby E both have perfect and unique little hands.

They were fast friends.
A great visit! We look forward to the next!

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