Thursday, June 25, 2015

Start of Summer

The start of this summer has been smoother than our previous summers.  I suspect there are a myriad of reasons-- 1.  I see summer vacation a bit differently since it is now a 'holiday' for me too!  2.  The kids are older and more self sufficient.  3.  One word- Camps.  Aly is still at sleep-away camp and Jackson went to Boy Scout day camp last week.  So far, so good.

A few random thoughts as we start out the summer break: 
*I can have a clean house OR happy kids, not both.  There is an inverse relationship  between the two and as soon as I embraced the mess, the kids were much happier.
*Matthew has reached potty independence the majority of the time.  Now, he does NOT want us to go with him into the stall in public bathrooms.  Every time I wait outside the stall, I wonder if I'm going to have to crawl on the floor under the door to open it.  So far, he's done well on his own and figured out how to unlock the door.  I usually cringe as I wait.
*We figured the boys would either fight like crazy or get along better without Alyssa around, or toggle between the 2 extremes.  So far, Jackson has stepped up and really been a stellar big brother since Alyssa (or little mommy) has been gone.  I'd say they have been getting along about 90% of the time, which is a huge improvement.
*I am about at my wits end with Matthew's vehement opinions.  He got in a tizzy this morning because I wouldn't park in the grass near daycare.  Silly me, I wanted to park in a parking spot!  Ugh! 

We took Darren out to lunch for Father's Day.

Darren and the boys went on a hike.  Jackson loved it.  Matthew did not.

With Alyssa gone, Matthew only wants to hold Jackson's hand (still not mine).

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