Monday, June 25, 2012

Allergic Reaction

Last year when Matthew was having GI trouble, we took Matthew to an allergist, just to make sure that he didn't have any food allergies.  He was tested for the top 25 allergens, and didn't react to any of them.  But the test spot, where they inject histamine to see how he would react, was so large that the doctor told us that if he was allergic to something, we would know it.  We wouldn't think "wonder if he is having an allergic reaction" instead we would say "wow, he is having an allergic reaction".  And he was right on the money.  

Matthew is allergic to--- mosquito bites!  Fantastic!  Living in Houston, where it is mosquito season 11 months out of the year, it is not ideal to be allergic to their bites.  Poor baby Matthew!  He will have to be covered in spray anytime he walks outdoors.  

Matthew was bit on his ear, which made it big and red.

Other bites on his legs and arms swelled up to the size of my thumb nail.

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  1. Me too. Mine get HUGE. I dread walking outside all the time. I wish I could offer something, but of all things I have tried, none work great, but Thieves Spray works best for taking away the itch. Not sure if you can use it though - lots of essential oils - clove, etc.