Thursday, June 14, 2012

Looking Back

Every so often, I will scroll back in the blog and look at what we were doing at that time the previous year, or 2 years, or 3 years.  

3 years ago, we were returning from our last trip to Disney World. I am so thankful we went on that trip.  We had planned on waiting to go to Disney when the kids were older, but we had decided to go anyway with our dear cousin, her family and her friend's family.  How thankful we are to have those amazing memories as our dear cousin passed away later that year.  I will forever cherish that time that we had.  And coming home from that trip, we decided to have 'tres', otherwise known as sweet baby Matthew!

2 years ago, we were in the midst of baby feeding purgatory.  Matthew was screaming bloody murder instead of eating.  We were seeing specialist after specialist to find out why. And Matthew was diagnosed with intestinal malrotation.  The radiologist told us he could die because of it.  I cried and cried every day in the shower (the one place I allowed myself to fall apart and Aly and Jax wouldn't notice).  Matthew cried and cried when we tried to feed him. Thankfully, his wonderful surgeon fixed the malrotation a month later in Matthew's first of six surgeries but his feeding issues would remain until we later found out about his heart issue and fixed it.  Oh, how far we've come! Matthew eats like a typical kid and I haven't cried in the shower in a very long time!

Last year, Matthew was recovering from urology surgery.  I recently used some of the information I wrote on the blog from that day in our investigation with the VMC in trying to identify why Matthew's feet swell.  (Unintended benefit of blogging!) And I was fretting about Jackson's academic progression and getting used to having all 3 kids at home with me during a few days each week during the summer.  Both of those things seem silly now.  I hope when I look back to this year, I think the same of the 'big' things going on today.

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