Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Matthew Distraction

Since Matthew started walking, he has despised his car seat.  He has a serious hatred of it.  He is often a total nightmare to get in the car seat and sometimes the car ride is horribly unpleasant.  So much so, I started limiting trips with Matthew about a month ago.  "Hmmmm, I really need to go to the store, but no way am I going to put Matthew in the car seat again today.  We can do without." It has just been ugly, but I do understand it.  If he could talk, he would tell me "Mom, I need to MOVE."  He wants to perfect his new trick--walking and running.

After a month plus of this unpleasantness in the car, I enlisted the help of Alyssa and Jackson to help me distract Matthew as we get him in the car. We joke that Matthew is going to sit on Alyssa, that Jackson is going to sit on Matthew, and so on.  So far, that has worked pretty well and the kids are really getting into it.  Today's 'Matthew distraction' is my favorite thus far.  Alyssa and Jackson came in through the front seat and made funny faces at Matthew...and Matthew made funny faces back!  He stuck his tongue out and put his hands on the side of his face.  It felt so 'normal' and so wonderful.  And I got Matthew buckled up without him noticing-- a wonderful win for today!

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  1. Right there with you, Katie. Burke has been putting up a fight these days too and it's something new every day to distract him to cooperate. A straw from an empty McDonald's cup, the container of gum, the keys...whatever it takes! :) Glad to hear that we're not alone. So cute that A & J are eager to help!