Friday, June 22, 2012

My Extreme Sport

Just like my previous job would ebb and flow, I feel the same about my parenting role. Sometimes I feel much more competent than others.  Now would not be that time.  

First, I'm freaking out because I'm not learning sign language very quickly.  Foreign languages are NOT my strong suit, and signing is a foreign language.  I keep hoping and praying that Matthew will just up and start talking (negating the need for sign), but it hasn't happened yet.  And we have no idea when it will, if it will, and it is completely out of our control.  He needs more sign.  It is my job to help him communicate!

Then, I'm frustrated because Matthew just doesn't seem to understand when we correct bad behavior.  He doesn't seem to get it when we put him in time out or sternly correct him. Sure, sometimes it makes him cry, but it seems like he is crying because of our tone of voice or that he is sitting on the stairs by himself.  He doesn't seem to connect that his behavior led to the punishment.  How do I make him understand?!?

Matthew is unique and I have often joked that being his mom is my extreme sport. When Darren and I first watched the video of Alyssa and Jackson that I posted yesterday, the first thing we noticed was that Alyssa was the age that Matthew is now, and wow, Matthew is behind.  We don't notice that every moment of every day, especially given how much he has accomplished, but we are periodically reminded that Matthew has unique needs, and that poses unique challenges for us as parents.  I feel that is particularly true regarding communication and socialization right now. 

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