Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good and Frustrating

The good and the frustrating from the last week:

+ The painters are done with the house and it looks great!  Having them here was much tougher than I thought it would be, but I am so glad it is done.
+ I am feeling pretty competent solo-parenting at the moment.  I think having the painters here that first week, where we couldn't be in the house during awake hours, made this week seem a bit easier by comparison. We are getting into a groove.
+ The week does seem to be flying by which means that in no time we will see Darren for the long weekend!
+ Alyssa and Jackson have been very helpful and understanding about the current changes in our lives. 
+ Matthew's 3rd birthday is in 2 weeks!  We have been talking about this big milestone since he was 4 weeks old at our first appointment with ECI.  Then I couldn't even imagine it-- but it is almost here!
+ I had a delightful lunch out with a friend this week. Besides great conversation with a good friend, watching our 2 youngest kids play (they are 3 days apart in age) made me relax about Matthew's development just a tad.  Besides Mattie's lack of verbal communication, there weren't many differences.  It was just what my heart needed!
+ Matthew has adjusted to preschool and is no longer crying at drop off. Yippee!

- Matthew is still having sleep issues.  It is improving, but he had a really rough night earlier this week in which we are still trying to recover.
- His sleep issues are likely contributing to his difficult demeanor of late.  He's easily frustrated and quick to begin the swatting.  He's spending a good amount of time in time out.
- We had a frustrating afternoon while addressing valentine's cards for class.  Alyssa's class isn't allowed to put names on them (not sure the reasoning), but it is expected in Jackson's class where no list came home.  First, Jackson couldn't remember the names of all the kids in his class and after he could, he couldn't remember how to spell those names.  Then, after figuring that out, he had trouble writing it on the cards.  It was not at all fun, but thankfully, it got done with no blood or tears. 
- I called the school to get more detail about Matthew's transition to the school system (in 2 weeks!) and became frustrated very quickly.  The ARD meeting is scheduled for the DAY before he turns 3...less than 24 hours before he is supposed to start school.  It may be enough time for them, but gives me some serious anxiety that everything is going to be in place in time for his transition.  I am preparing as well as hoping and praying that all the pieces will fall into place for the best outcome for Matthew! 

Jackson & Matthew waiting for Aly to get out of school.

Alyssa assembling her vday cards.

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