Friday, February 1, 2013

Also Adjusting

Change is hard!  I am not the only one struggling with change right now.  This past weekend, we moved Alyssa's bed to Austin, moved her into Jackson's room to share the bunk bed and moved Matthew and his crib into what used to be Alyssa's room. 

Matthew has been struggling with that move. Monday night he awoke crying every couple of hours.  Tuesday at naptime, he absolutely refused to nap.  That made for a not-so-great afternoon/evening!  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, Matthew has awoken in the middle of the night (about 1am) screaming as loud as I've ever heard him.  After realizing that he isn't going to drift off on his own (about 5-10 minutes), we go check on him, comfort him and leave him to continue screaming for about 10 more minutes.  Not good. I am hoping he adjusts to the change very soon...for all of our sakes!

Matthew playing a video game after getting his haircut.

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