Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Though sometimes unintended, Jackson loves to make people laugh. 3 of my favorite Jacksonisms of late--

1.  We went to the doctor for Alyssa's check up. 
Dr (looking at Alyssa):  Do you sleep well at night?
Jackson:  I don't
Dr (now looking at Jackson, concerned):  Why?
Jackson:  I'm nocturnal.  I don't sleep at night. 
Dr (chuckling): That's the best answer I've heard to that question all day .

2.  The day before the parent/teacher conference at his school, the prompt for their writing journal was "I'd like you to tell my mom and dad..."  I was expecting "that I love them" or "school is fun" or even "I like math" but Jackson wrote something that only can be translated to "I am awesome." 

3.  Driving to my folks house. 
Jackson:  I remember where to turn for Granny and Granddad's house.  I remember lots of stuff because I have 2 brains, one inside of the other. 

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