Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Post Big Green- Week 1

Jackson is getting around pretty well with his walker, though still not able to straighten his leg out fully or walk heel/toe on his left leg because of his weak quad and tight hamstring, caused by having his knee bent in the cast for 6.5 weeks.  His teacher shared with me this morning that Jackson fell in class yesterday by likely putting too much weight on that leg and loosing his balance.  She said you could hear a pin drop afterwards, as the room went silent with everyone concerned about him. He was physically fine but embarrassed.  I know he's ready to be 'recovered' instead of 'recovering'. 

Jackson's first PT appointment was yesterday. I really liked his therapist.  He spoke directly to Jackson (as my only other experience is with Matthew, I was used to answering the questions) and thoroughly explained the issues and recommendations to Jackson in language he could understand.  The therapist gave him 3 stretching and strengthening exercises for homework and added that Jackson should get in the pool as much as possible.  What kid wouldn't like that homework?

So, we went to the pool!

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