Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Green - Week 3

Half way done!  Still amazed at how well Jackson is weathering it.  Really amazed. 

Big green from the thigh down is signed. 
I think Jackson is secretly enjoying feeling special.
I did not handle it near as well this past weekend.  Darren was out of town at a wedding, so I was solo parenting.  I was a bit worried as Jackson is wheelchair bound outside of the house, and in the house, we have to carry him from place to place.  We can't keep the wheelchair inside because Matthew would ram the wheelchair into walls if we kept it in the house.  Adding that fun onto the normal craziness in our household, the weekend was a roller coaster ride. 

(Up)  Thursday night was good and we ended the night watching half of Frozen

(Down) Friday morning, every Hoy kid was in tears about something.  Aly was because I wouldn't let her wear her wedding shoes to school.  Jax was that I made him stop his craft so we could get to school on time.  Matt was because he wanted to ride in the bike trailer to school, even though that is definitely not a possibility while Jax is in a cast. 

(Up) Friday night was good and we watched the last half of Frozen.

(Straight)  Saturday morning was so-so.  As Aly, Jax (in limited capacity) and I picked up the house, Matt was in another part of the house destroying all we worked on. 

One of Matthew's 'projects' he completed while we picked up around the house.
Best we can guess is he wanted to emulate his brother.
(Up) We even got out of the house and lunched at Chick Fil A.  Everyone was happy!

(The down turn)  I had a list of stuff to pick up at Target.  How hard could it be to push a cart and the wheelchair?  Matt and Aly can help.  Oh, I was wrong.  Very wrong.  Matt wanted to be in the cart, out of the cart, push Jax into a wall, in the cart, on the cart, etc.  I turn my back to help Jax and Matt takes off with the cart, all over the aisle, almost plowing down small children.  I was the nutso mom with the crazy eyes at Target.  It was no fun at all. 

(A quick up and a quick down)  Quiet time is awesome, unless you open the door to your naked from the waist down child and see this.

The floor was clear when I closed the door on Matthew for quiet time.
(Another large dip down) Saturday evening I had another not so brilliant idea- lets go to the mall.  How many people are at the mall on a Saturday evening? It will get us out and about. Oh, I was so wrong. I can't even explain the horribleness of this idea.

(Slowing down for the stop)  Sunday was pretty quiet as we anxiously awaited D's return! 

3 (plus) weeks down, 3 weeks to go.  After this past weekend, I figure the next 3 weeks should be a breeze! 

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