Thursday, June 5, 2014

Matthew's Last Day

I am normally not a crier.  So, I was somewhat surprised when I got pretty weepy picking up Matthew from school today- his last day of school before moving to the big kids' school in the Fall.  Our experiences with his current school have been nothing but warm and wonderful.  From our first ARD meeting (last August) to today (the last day),  his teachers and classmates have loved and cared for Matthew and it always felt warm and welcoming.  Walking down the hall this past week, I heard one of his classmates emphatically tell his mom, "that is my friend, Matthew".  Tears welled up in my eyes then too.

I have been dreading summer pretty much since school began last Fall (more on that in a future post).  But even with that long dread, I will not be the saddest person in the house without school.  Matthew LOVES school.  He asks to go every day.  Every single day-- weekday or weekend.  Holiday or not.  In the 2 hours between dropping off the big kids and his school start, he will ask or sign 'school' countless times.  This boy is going MISS it big. And thinking back on the warmth of his teachers and his classmates, who wouldn't?

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