Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reflective Moments

In theory, I understand our kids are getting older with each passing day.  Though in that every day, it is a little hard to see the forest for all the tress.  But there are moments when I realize very clearly that our kids are getting older. 

When we first got a full night's sleep.

When we stopped shopping in the baby section at the store.

When we stopped listening to Sesame Street and Disney music, and the kids started requesting Kids Place Live and Kids Bop and audio books.

When they all went off to public school.

When we stocked up on Tylenol and only purchased it in tablet form.

When we went to a restaurant and didn't need a highchair, booster chair, sippy cup, bib, or other baby/toddler paraphernalia.

We don't often take the time to stop in the chaos of life and reflect where we've been and where we are now.  So, when I stopped at Target and bought the tablet painkiller, I was reminded to take a moment.

When Alyssa was little, she was a biter, always getting notes home from daycare that she was too rough or mean to friends.  Today she is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. 

When Jackson was little, we worried he didn't have an imagination because he didn't really engage in imaginative play.  Now, he's definitely the most creative with the most vivid imagination of the 5 of us.

When Matthew was really little, he rarely put weight on his legs and we worried he wouldn't walk.  Today, he runs everywhere. 

In our every day, we often don't think about those days in the past, but when we look back, it is pretty awesome how far we've come.  The days are long, but the years are short.

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