Saturday, June 25, 2011


Earlier this week, my throat hurt.  So, Thursday I went to the Rediclinic.  No strep, just viral tonsillitis.  Thursday night, my throat hurt worse and I started getting abdominal cramps.  Friday morning I started running a fever.  Figuring it was really strep but got a false negative on the rapid strep test, I went to the HP health center.  I explained that I thought that I had strep, that my throat hurt, that I was running a fever and my abdomen was tender.  When the PA started poking around, I almost hit the ceiling when she poked just to the right of my belly button.  She voiced she thought it might be my appendix.  Oh, and no strep.  They did a blood draw and sent me over to the hospital for a CT. 

I picked up Darren so he could care for Matthew while I got the CT.  Little did I know the prep for the contrast CT would take an hour and a half.  So Darren headed home with Matthew while I got the CT.  The radiology tech of course couldn't comment, but he did say just to stay put, don't bother having Darren come get me just yet.  Call from the PA at the health center...yep, it was appendicitis and I needed to be admitted for surgery.  The pain worsened throughout the day.  5 hours after my health center appointment, I was admitted to the hospital and 8 hours after, I was in surgery.  I awoke to Darren and my folks, who let me know all went well and the doctor would have some pretty cool pictures to show me tomorrow (now today). 

It's been a surreal experience being on this end of the surgical process.  I'm used to being the worried parent, not the patient.  Gives me even greater respect for my sweet baby Matthew!

I feel like my sore throat was divine intervention. I would have let the abdominal pain go on for much longer (likely through the weekend, unless the appendix ruptured) but I was annoyed with the sore throat so I went to be seen.  Interestingly, the sore throat has improved through the day, that or the abdominal pain made it seem less so in comparison.  Either way, I'm thankful for that sore throat, it saved me from a ruptured appendix! 

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  1. God works in mysterious ways. I am so glad that His divine plan worked out.