Friday, June 24, 2011


Yesterday's working session with Jackson, where we go over the letters of his name over and over again, was a success.  He spelled his name, identifying the letters and putting them in the correct order. Most exciting, then he was able to identify the letters as I pointed to them out of order.  First time he's been able to do that. Thank goodness!!  I'm hopeful that he'll be able to repeat that task!  It will make our working sessions much less frustrating.  It gives me hope that he'll know his letters and numbers by the time he heads to kindergarten.

And then this morning, Darren and I both found success on the scale.  We've been highly diligent about exercise and our diet the last few months and it is paying off.  I've been trying to lose the last few stubborn baby pounds, which I can now say, after almost 16 months, are gone!  I'm finally at my prebaby weight.  Yippee!  I periodically get frustrated that I have to be so very diligent with exercise and my diet to maintain my weight, but then I remember that pretty much nothing comes easily to Matthew and I stop my pity party.  If my only struggle is that I have to eat right and exercise, then I am one lucky woman!

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