Thursday, November 8, 2012

Matthew's Preschool

In the Spring, Matthew will go to a typical preschool for 1/2 days on MWF and then go to PPCD (preschool program for children with disabilities) through our school district for 1/2 days M-F.  We needed to decide on a typical preschool before the holidays. 

I stress about any school decision for the kids, but this one seemed even more so.  I need a school that will see beyond Matthew's special needs and see him as the miracle that he is.   One that will love him and push him.  That will put no limits on him, but know that he might struggle too. 

I found what I believe is the perfect fit.  It is a preschool program at a local gymnastics gym.  I knew they were special needs friendly before I went.  They have adaptive gymnastics for kids with special needs and they host a respite care program once a month.  When I took the tour of the preschool (sans Matthew), I liked the small classrooms and warm atmosphere.  When I met with the preschool director (with Matthew), my mind was made up.  When I introduced her to Matthew, and told her about his diagnosis and that he's the only 1 in the world, tears welled up in her eyes.  She understood that he's a miracle.  This seems to be the place for him!

Though we will greatly miss our nanny, who has been perfect for Matthew, we are excited for Matthew to start preschool.  We think he is going to love it!

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