Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Trip

It has taken me a while to post, as we are still knee deep in laundry and technology has been wonky, but we are almost recovered from our amazing Thanksgiving in Chicago.  We always come home exhausted, because we have stuffed as much fun, family, and food as physically possible into the few days we are there.  No matter how much time we are there, it never seems like enough!

Some of the highlights from the week:  On the 19 hour drive up to Chicago, every time we'd get out or in the car, Jackson would say "last one is a rotten egg!".  (I am often the rotten egg.)  We had lots of time for hugs and cuddles with family that we don't get to see near as often as we'd like.  All 3 kids got pedicures from cousin Rachel.  Darren played in the turkey bowl with no major injuries, though he was reminded by his aches and pains that he would no longer qualify for the 'young team'.  We ate delicious food and enjoyed fun games at Aunt Susie's (who is my idol when it comes to hosting a large event!).  Alyssa and Jackson had a blast selling 'beverages' to all the family at the bar in the basement on Thanksgiving night.  (They would have done it all night with the kind of encouragement they were receiving.) We enjoyed visiting with family.  The cookie bake was a blast, as always, and this year a dance party broke out!  We couldn't have had more fun (except on our last day, more on that in another post), and our only regret was that the time went way too fast!

Trying to avoid being the rotten egg!
A little cuddle time with Auntie C.

The Hoy boys have figured out that Aunt Susie's lap is one of the greatest places to play LCR.

A dance party broke out at the cookie bake.
Jackson has been singing Pound Sign ever since.

Lots of cookies, lots of fun, a likely a bit too much tasting!
Deep dish! The kids had to help carry.

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