Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences

In the past few weeks, Darren and I attended both Jackson and Alyssa's parent teacher conferences.  In both, nothing that we heard surprised us.  I guess that is good. 

Alyssa is studious--doing really well in math and reading, and not so well in spelling (which she comes by honestly on both sides).  Her teacher's recommendation was to keep doing what we are doing-- let her read when she wants (which is almost all of the time), give her math problems whenever she asks for it (which is probably every other day), and keep quizzing her on spelling (which we have to do daily).

Jackson is doing much better than in the past--he is enjoying school more, beginning to read, and pay attention longer.  Overall, vast improvements but work still to be done to get him ready for public school next Fall.

We are very thankful for the good teachers who care for and educate our kids!

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