Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Matthew's Recent Ailments

Matthew has been sick for a couple of weeks.  First he ran a mystery fever for a day.  No other symptoms, just fever.

Then a few days later, he woke up croupy.  When I heard him breathing, I worried this might land him the hospital again.  Thankfully, he rallied during the day, only sounding croupy when he coughed.  I wondered if I needed to take him to the pediatrician for some steroids for the croupy cough, but I was hopeful we could avoid that since Matthew gets unpleasant on steroids.  I felt it was probably too much to ask-- staying out of the hospital, out of the doctor's office, and off meds-- while fighting croup, but it wasn't!  Matthew fought it off and on for about a week, and then it moved on to just a typical head cold. 

He had several days of the head cold, with green goo oozing from his nose (gross!).  It kept us from music class, going to the Y, and just about every other activity where he would be around other children.  Though it didn't slow him down any, he was cranky.

Now, I think he is on the mend.  No fever. No croup.  No green goo.  All with no hospital, no doctor, no meds.  Yippee!

When Matthew doesn't feel well, he likes to be near the dog.
Well, even more than usual.

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