Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What To Do

Earlier this year, Matthew learned to climb the stairs that led to the top bunk of his and Jackson's bunk bed, so we stored the stairs in the attic.  Now, Matthew has figured out how to scale the side of the bunkbeds and get onto the top bunk without the stairs. 

To this point, we've been closing the bedroom door and not letting Matthew play in his room to deter this activity.  Unfortunately, this is not a long term solution.  Last week, Jackson was playing in his room and forgot to shut the door.  Moments later, Matthew lets out a cry that I rarely hear and always fear.  I found him on the floor after he took a dive from the top bunk.  Thankfully, no major injuries, just a few cuts on his side.

Now, we need to figure out how to keep Matthew from being able to climb to the top bunk or we need to take the top bunk down.  Ah, how delightful for us, as this is likely a very typical issue of families that have a little one with no fear!  If you have a solution that has worked, please drop me a line! 
In most instances, having no fear has served Matthew well.
This is not one of those instances.

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