Monday, June 3, 2013

3 is Hard (Part 1)

As I look back on Alyssa and Jackson as toddlers, I vaguely remember 3 being a particularly brutal age.  As Darren once commented, they are no longer in their rookie year of being 2.  Experienced at wanting to be independent, yet still dependent, impulsive, struggling to communicate, and defiant. It is a hard age.

I do remember this, yet am exasperated by the 3 year old that lives in my house.  I don't know if Matthew's brutal 3 year old stage is exacerbated by his struggle to communicate, or his lack of fear, or his sensory integration issues, but goodness gracious, I don't remember it being this hard. 

Every day it is Russian roulette with his temper-- will he be okay with getting in the car or will he lose his mind, kick, scream, hit and bite?  will he decide to run away from me in the parking lot?  will he freak out for no apparent reason getting out of the car, as we have done 100s of times before?  will he decide he doesn't want to leave the store, the same one he entered moments ago kicking and screaming? 

You just never know when it will strike.  I am almost always on edge.  When will the next tantrum occur?  Will I be able to deflect it?  Can I keep him from hitting, biting, pulling hair on me, or Alyssa, or Jackson or a friend?  How can I cajole him into doing what I need/want him to do?

Looking back on the day, he is only a monster for about 15-20 minutes a day, spread out over a minute or two very intense chunks of time throughout the day.  The other 23+ hours a day, he is sweet Matthew-- active, laughing, loving, and fun. 

3 is hard.

Admittedly rusty at dealing with a 3 year old,
I pulled out a few books from my bookshelves to brush up.

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