Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Move

Wednesday, a dear friend invited us over for some water play after the last day of school and it was just what we needed since all of our stuff was packed into boxes earlier in the day.

Thursday was our first day of summer, and our last day living in Houston.  We spent the morning at the park with friends while the movers packed the truck.  By mid-afternoon, we were on the road to our new house in Austin.

Kids watching the movers.

Loved watching all the kids problem solve.
Santi put Jackson on his shoulders to get the soccer ball out of the tree.
In the end, they just needed to shake the tree to get it down.

Alyssa will miss her Houston friends very much .

As I will too.

As will all of us.

Goodbye Hoy House Houston.

Friday, the movers unpacked the stuff into the Austin house and we started the very daunting process of unpacking.  We've asked ourselves many times in the last few days--How in the world do we have this much stuff?!?!

Jax and Aly checking out the redone garage floor in the Hoy House-Austin.

Alyssa and her new friend sharing a snack in the backyard.
Saturday, for the first time since February, we all awoke in our own beds--in Austin.  We have made it to this side of the journey!  We had to run errands (Home Depot, of course), so we stopped for a relaxing lunch and a sno-cone (it is summer after all!).  And in the afternoon, we played with some new neighbor friends too.
Enjoying lunch near the lake.

Sno-cones = Summer

Today, we continued to make slow and steady progress on the unpacking, but there are still boxes EVERYWHERE!

The 'library' will likely be one of the last rooms to be unboxed.

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