Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Steps

Another baby step-- I have been afraid to post as to jinx it-- but Matthew has made a leap in his verbal skills recently.  He has been much more vocal...and using words!

'Dada' is most pronounced and easily understandable (just in time for Father's Day), but you can also make out the dogs names (A-ah= Leia, Ah-meh= Padme), Granny (ah-ee), ready (eh-ee), go (uh), and so on.  Even an infrequent 'mama'.  Lots of word approximations!

I am hopeful this is just like his walking.  I feared for so long that he wouldn't walk, and we did see EVERY interim step, but once he started walking, he started running and hasn't stopped since. I look down at him navigating the steps at school and am awed how simple he makes it look after struggling for so long.  I pray talking is the same--that one day I hear him talking my ear off and wonder why I ever worried that he wouldn't talk. 

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