Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Luckiest Kid I Know

When we walked into Matthew's classroom for the first time, Darren pointed to Matthew's locker and chuckled.  Each child has a symbol and Matthew's symbol was a hand. 

When the teachers' noticed, they were mortified.  It was totally by accident, as they hadn't even received Matthew's paperwork yet.  We found it ironic, and more than a little funny. I mean-- what are the odds that his symbol would be a hand?  1 in 18 (or so) and guess what, Matthew is just that lucky.  We are talking about the 1 in billions kid!

We know Matthew's perfect with his 4 beautiful fingers on both hands, with one being his 'thumbdex' finger that serves as both a pointer and a thumb.  And we know that having 4 fingered hands is unusual.   We can even chuckle about it.  That is what 3 and 1/2 years of knowing, seeing, and living it has done.  The afternoon of February 27, 2010, I couldn't fathom being light hearted about having 4 fingers but after the last 3+ years, we know that missing thumbs is lower down on the list of things about which to worry.

We don't mind people noticing his missing thumbs and even pointing it out. I'd rather people speak up than to whisper.  I like people to ask questions.  It gives me a chance to say how amazing he is with his 4 fingers.  Matthew is unique, and different, and awesome too.  (As referred to previously, what I don't like is Matthew being taunted for being different or for kids to be unkind to him because of it.)

To answer the question I'm often asked, no, we aren't planning on the surgery to give him thumbs anytime soon.  He is doing well without and the surgery takes considerable time to recover which we aren't willing to take during this stage of his development.  Thankfully this is a surgery which he can have at any time, so we (or he) can change our minds if compelled to do so.

So, for now, we chuckle that it will be hard for Matthew to be an Aggie (the gig 'em thumbs up) but as his teachers have pointed out, he should have no problem being a Longhorn (index finger and pinky horns).  We live in the right city for that.

Matthew's locker now.

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