Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ticking Items Off

When Darren and I made the decision to move to Austin, I warned him that there were at least 4 things that were going to make me cry or drive me nuts about moving.  He can likely attest that I haven't disappointed, and have freaked out about those 4 things plus a few more since then.

Just the other day though, Darren was quite excited to hear that since moving here, I've checked two issues off the list. 

The first item ticked off the list is my love and obsession with my grocery store in Cypress.  I had serious affection for that store, but I think I've moved on.  I still miss the one checker that was always so sweet to Matthew and asked about him if he wasn't around, but I have adjusted to our local grocery store.  Though the store isn't as nice as the one we left, they stock all of my favorite items, so it will do. I'm over it.

The second item ticked off the list is Alyssa missing her friends. I was worried that she wouldn't adjust well and would spend her time pining over her Houston friends.  I am very happy to say that I was wrong! She became quick friends with the girls across the street, the one next door, and a few in her class.  Though I'm sure she would miss her Houston friends if reminded, she has fallen head first into her new life.  I think the apprehension I had might have been my own, remembering my sadness when I moved in high school.  I guess moving when you are 7 is a little less dramatic than moving when you are 14. Either that, or Alyssa is more socially flexible than I was.  Either way, I am VERY thankful!

So now, 2 out of 4 resolved! 

Alyssa and her friend walking to class after walking their younger siblings to Kinder.

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