Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blue Funk

I've been a bit quiet on the blog as of late probably because I'm in a blue funk.  I am not exactly sure the cause, but figure it is a myriad of things. 

First, I recently went through the interview process for a teaching gig.  I felt a jolt of excitement about the prospect of being in the classroom again.  Unfortunately, on my first evening of training, the step before getting a class, I was told that the college is no longer offering the class I was pegged for, meaning, I still have no job.  I am not ready to teach full time, at least until Matthew is in school full time, and part time teaching jobs in Austin are a bit hard to come by.  I keep telling myself it will happen when it happens, but I do miss teaching. 

Next, I'm frustrated because Alyssa is experiencing some minor issues at school.  Alyssa has been a near perfect student up to this point, so this has come as a troubling surprise.  We are working on a plan to remedy the situation, but it has been another pea under my mattress.

Finally, I'm sure it is my blue funk already, but I've been a bit dejected over Matthew's verbal abilities.  With his other developmental leaps, he seemed to thrive once the switch got flipped.  He went from crawling to walking and then walking to running in a few months and riding a scooter a few months afterwards!  That does not seem to be the path in regards to language.  I still love the words he has, like mama!  But I miss the words he used to have but has since lost, like daddy.  I wish he had dozens more.  I wish he could talk.  The other morning, I had him picking out colors from a pile of colored animals.  He knew a lot more than I realized, likely because he doesn't say the words.  I fear that will be an experience he has quite often-- that the knowledge is there, but it is locked in his head until we figure a way to get it out, without the words. This makes me sad for us and for him. 

I'm hoping to shake this blue funk soon.  Hopefully the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday will help.  It is one of my favorite days of the year!

The animals at the bottom were the colors Matthew was able to correctly pull out of the pile.

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