Saturday, November 23, 2013


Lately I've been reminded a bit more than usual that Matthew's not a typical kid.  Yes, it could be the blue funk I mentioned earlier this week.

Going to Texas Children's like we did on Thursday always takes me back.  Yanking Matthew from his slumber in the dark hours of the morning so we can get to the hospital. Thankfully this time, only for an appointment and not surgery!  Seeing the all-too-familiar white trash cans. Why do I only see those particular trash cans there?  The smell of the soap. It is so very distinctive. Seeing Mattie on the same ultrasound table as he was on when he was so bad off this Spring.  Amazing the difference!

Though, the reminders are beyond that TCH visit.  I'm reminded every day when I drop him off at school (the preschool program for kids with disabilities) and for the twice a week therapy appointments too. 

As well, it is random moments.  I had a moment as the big kids attended a birthday party at a ceramics place.  All the cute hand prints on plates was a reminder of the moment we found out that he didn't have thumbs.  It also reminded me of the desire I had to get a hand print from Matthew before his skull surgery, as I feared I'd never see those sweet 4 fingered hands again.  So, so thankful I've gotten to watch those sweet hands grow and do amazing things! 

I had another moment when I saw someone post the ABC Family 25 days of Christmas television line up.  I vividly remember being in the hospital room with Matthew days after skull surgery (with his 102 stitches across his head) watching one of the ABC Family Christmas movies.  So, so thankful that you would never know what Mattie has endured, save the scar you can see when he gets his hair cut!

I have more moments as I watch him run--at school, in the driveway, in a store.  He runs all the time. This was the little boy I was afraid would never walk, that walked with a walker, and didn't stand on his own until he took his first step.  We saw every interim step and spent countless hours in therapy for this.  So, so thankful that he can walk and run!

I have other moments as I watch him ride his tricycle with his little friend.  Just 7 months ago, this little boy went from being very bad off in the hospital bed from his bowel obstruction and emergency surgery to learning to ride his tricycle around the 14th floor of the hospital in just a few days.  And he learned it without having to spend hours upon hours in therapy.  So, so thankful that he recovered so well and so quickly and also that not everything is a challenge for him!

These reminders bring a bit of sadness along with a bunch of thankfulness.  A heaping bunch of thankfulness!

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