Monday, November 4, 2013

Time Change

I have such mixed emotions about the time change.  Fall back is supposed to mean that we get an extra hour of sleep for one night. 

Hah! Not at our house, where our kids' internal clocks are so powerful, they will keep waking at the same time, even though they were put to bed an hour later and the clock says an hour earlier! 

I was bemoaning this last night, and then this morning, I woke up at the normal time, even though my clock said it was an hour too soon.  Guess I can't fault the kids when I do it too!

The good about the time change:
+We now bike to school in the light! It was way too dark last week when we biked to school.  I feel much safer in the light!
+Monday morning was pretty smooth, probably because we didn't have to drag the kids out of bed.

The bad about the time change:
-When Matthew's body said it was time to nap, it was still school time. When we got home from school, he was overtired and didn't want to nap. 
-Every day we are working on a hour sleep deficit from the nighttime.  That is bound to catch up to us!

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