Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast Warm Fuzzy

I mentioned in another post that Jackson had told me earlier this year that he'd rather I not come to lunch with him at school.  I even tried to bribe him with a special lunch, but he was undeterred.  His answer was still "no, thanks".  I try to spin this to a positive in my mind-- it is not that he doesn't want to spend time with me, it is that he is so engaged in school and with his friends that he doesn't want anything to take away from that time.  That's the rationale I'm going with, and it makes me happy.

So, earlier this month, Jackson and Alyssa's school hosted a Thanksgiving feast.  When I asked the kids if they'd like me to attend, as many parents do, Alyssa's answer was a resounding 'yes!'.  Jackson's was initially 'no, thanks'.  I chuckled.  Surprisingly though, Jackson changed his mind that morning when I asked one last time. 

Jackson made my day when he ran up and hugged me first thing. I was pretty giddy when he said he'd like me to walk him back to class afterwards.  Then, my heart soared when he held my hand as we walked the hallway.  I loved it!

He's become such a big kid, one that enjoys school and loves spending time with his friends. So independent now!  I love that, but I'm glad I still get to spend time with the little boy once in a while. 

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