Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So Lucky

We have been so lucky to have found the houses in which we have grown our family. 

We just lucked out with our house on Cypress.  We moved in when Alyssa was 9 months old, so we weren't all that cognisant about the school, the park, etc when we moved in.  We later realized what we had-- a short bike ride to school, within walking distance of a park, paths to run, a community pool to swim, as well as a house that fit us well.  We had great friends in the neighborhood, although none actually on our street. What luck!

Then we moved to Austin, and we have lucked out here as well.  Because of the ammenities we had previously, there was a big list of 'must-haves' when we moved.  Top on my list was that we needed to be within biking distance to school. Luckily, we found that in a house that fits us well, is walking distance to the park, has paths to run and hike, and a community pool to swim.  This time, we really lucked out with some great neighbors within line of sight with great kids-- lots of kids-- for our kids to play with.  We spend a great deal of time outside these days.  The kids have tons of playmates they love to spend time with and we have adults we enjoy conversing with whilest the kids get their crazies out. 

Our little subdivision of our neighborhood reminds me of my neighborhood growing up--kids outside playing, riding bikes, and sometimes being a bit reckless.  I am so happy that our kids have the opportunity for that experience.  I am so thankful!

A sampling of the kids!

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