Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Year End Review

We started 2013 with Mickey and friends (both his and ours), with the knowledge that our year would be full of changes.  Boy, was it ever!

After returning from Florida, Darren put in his notice at HP and had moved to Austin and started his new job by the start of February.

During the Spring, I solo parented in Houston during the weekdays, while teaching and carting 3 kids to 3 different schools while Darren shared his Austin bachelor pad with our dogs as he settled into his new job.

In April, Matthew scared us silly with his emergency surgery and 12 day hospital stay.  Though, in Matthew fashion, 4 days after we feared he wouldn't make it, he learned to ride a tricycle around the hospital.

We bought our house in Austin and sold our house in Houston. 

School ended and we said 'good-bye for now' to our Houston friends.

My Grandmother went to Heaven.

The kids and I went on our marathon summer road trip to visit friends and family-- with 82 driving hours over 22 days, and Darren joining us in Michigan and Chicago.

We made new friends and caught up with some old friends in Austin.

We celebrated Uncle Bryan and Aunt Brandi's wedding in Los Angeles.

School started and we settled into a new routine at new schools.

We visited family in Chicago for Thanksgiving.

Our dog, Leia, passed over the rainbow bridge after 14 and a half years of faithful companionship.

We went to see Mickey again, this time at sea.

My Granddad joined my Grandmother in Heaven.

Now, after celebrating a quiet Christmas at home with just the 5 of us, we begin to prepare for the new year, one with a little less flux (I hope!).  Good bye to 2013!

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